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Graduation Ceremony


Explore the remarkable journeys of our elite athletes who have successfully graduated from NLF's Flight School program. These individuals have soared to new heights, both on and off the field, through their dedication and hard work. Discover their inspiring stories and learn how our comprehensive training has empowered them to reach their full potential in aviation. These graduates are a testament to the exceptional opportunities and guidance provided by NLF, and we couldn't be prouder of their achievements. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments and be inspired by the heights they've achieved through our Flight School Sports Performance Program.

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Meet a rising star at Rockhurst University's volleyball team: a talented sophomore athlete who excels as a libero/defensive specialist. Her precision and agility on the court are truly impressive, making her a vital asset to the team's success. With a promising future in the sport, she's poised to make a significant impact in the world of D2 NCAA volleyball.



Introducing the dynamic junior athlete for the Pitt State Gorillas volleyball team, a standout player in the outside hitter/right side position. Her powerful hits and impeccable defensive skills make her a force to be reckoned with on the court. With two years of collegiate experience under her belt, she continues to be a key contributor to the team's success, and her determination and talent are a source of inspiration for her teammates.




Get ready to witness volleyball history in the making as the University of Nebraska welcomes the nation's top recruit to their team. As an outside hitter, she has been recognized as the #1 recruit in the country, and her arrival is generating immense excitement. With a bright future ahead, this freshman-to-be promises to bring unparalleled skill, power, and determination to the Cornhuskers. The anticipation is high as she takes her first steps towards an extraordinary collegiate volleyball journey.

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