About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Life

No Limit Fitness KC has the desire to bring to their knowledge, all the available methodologies through which physical and mental health training can be achieved so that they can take good advantage of them. And to put this in place, we maintain prevailing knowledge of evolving mental health and physical health trends and respond with quality education. We support, help and encourage our clients to take more responsibility for their health through a result-oriented and effective approach.

No Limit Fitness KC will significantly improve the quality of life for thousands of Americans within our community by educating, inspiring, and providing the most efficient, effective, and safe exercise activities and programs. Our staff members will be life changers and courteous personnel with extensive growth opportunities while fulfilling their passion and servicing clients. Our target market includes all categories of people, regardless of age, gender, race, skin color among other things. Our fitness facility is designed to serve the interest of all fitness enthusiasts as well as everyone who ones to be sound in both the mind and the body.


Our Story

No Limit Fitness KC was founded by Damontez Pendleton  May 9, 2020 during the COVID-19 Epidemic. Our leader attended Southwest Baptist University where he earned his Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science. Playing sports was the outlet that gave him an opportunity get an education in order start this company.


Our team is passionate and motivated to make a positive impact in people’s physical and mental health. We encourage our clients to strive to get better everyday in order to reach new goals.  We set fitness goals for our clients,  but there is NO LIMITS to what they can achieve in life! Keyon Hardin has a certification in personal training. Lastly our Intern Zane Busick is a highly motivated football player. Our team has a deep background in playing football, basketball, track and wrestling with over 15 years of training experience.

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