Training that helps build tougher, faster and stronger athletes.

StrengtH agility


 cardio TRAINING

Physical exercises which are designed to improve strength and endurance.



Improve mobility and flexibility for injury prevention.


Working out with a crowd carries a plethora of intertwined benefits that include enhancing consistency, duration, motivation, conversation and inspiration.


Training that helps build tougher, faster and stronger athletes.


Physical exercises which are designed to improve strength and endurance.


"No Limit Fitness KC is THE BEST place, program and people. My daughter goes for vertical training.  Damontez is amazing. Everything from the cleanliness and care he puts into keeping the gym in tip top shape to the awesome playlists; every workout is invigorating and positive. He knows how to work with athletes, push them and still make the workout fun and rewarding. It really has helped my daughter improve on her  strength, conditioning, vertical, quickness and her overall confidence in herself. This is a really fantastic and friendly training facility.  It has helped my daughter in so many ways, mentally and physically!! We would highly recommend!!!"

Carly Eastling

"No Limit Fitness KC is top notch.  Damontez and his staff are masters at creating a positive, motivating, and fun environment, while pushing your athlete to the limit.  My daughter always looks forward to going to her session, and seeing progress by jumping a bit higher, adding one more rep, or improving her agility.  As a parent, it is rewarding to see the hard work translate to the court. No Limit Fitness will help your athlete become stronger, both mentally and physically!  What are you waiting for?"

Taryn Vaeth

"Damontez and his staff run an incredible program at No Limit Fitness KC! My athlete has been doing the group training for 4 months, and has seen significant improvement in her strength, flexibility, endurance, and most importantly her confidence. Damontez is without a doubt one of the most positive and inspiring people I have ever met! His passion for fitness is undeniable, as is his ability to motivate his athletes to reach their full potential. The staff has done a wonderful job of creating a safe and healthy environment. My favorite part of this program is watching young athletes support each-other through the vigorous group sessions, and then celebrating their achievements together!"

Ahlecs Lee

"If y’all want to get those bodies tight, right & healthy from the inside, out? Hit up No Limit Fitness KC ASAP! Damontez will direct you in whatever personal goal that you have for your body. My family & I are being trained by No Limit Fitness & we love it. Even in times where we can’t meet in person, No Limit Fitness provides workout plans online when you can’t make it in to the gym. Which has done wonders for my family & I. So again hit up @nolimitfitnesskc on Instagram & Facebook to get you right."

Kesha Clark

No Limit Fitness KC is the BEST program my daughter has done! Damontez knows what she is capable of doing and when he can push her just a little bit further. He is ALWAYS motivating her and gets the best from her each workout. He focuses on technique and making sure each rep is done correctly. Her strength, flexibility, vertical, and agility have all improved since she started working with No Limit Fitness KC. Damontez has created a positive and safe training environment for athletes. I would highly recommend this program and am so glad to have found trainers I trust with my daughter.

Melissa Groves

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